Sky News apologised after its presenter compared the proposal for voluntary resettlement of Gazans to the Holocaust

The British broadcaster Sky News has issued an apology after the channel’s reporter compared Danny Danon’s call for the voluntary relocation of Gazans amid the war to the Holocaust in an interview with the Likud MK.

Sky News called the comparison of the voluntary departure of Palestinians in wartime conditions with the extermination of Jews in the Second World War „totally wrong”.

During the interview, Danon discussed an idea he had outlined in the Wall Street Journal, urging „countries around the world to accept limited numbers of Gazan families who have expressed a desire to relocate.”

Sky News host Belle Donati claimed that by saying this, Danon had „suggested the ethnic cleansing of some of Gaza’s population,” to which the MK clarified that he was speaking solely of „voluntary emigration.”

„I think anyone in the world who voluntarily wants to move to another country should be eligible to do that,” Danon said.

Donati, who appeared impatient and seemed to scoff at Danon’s comments as he spoke, retorted: „Yes, the sort of voluntary relocation of many Jewish people during the Holocaust, I imagine.”

„How can you compare that? Shame on you for that comparison,” Danon said. „That is a shameful and antisemitic equation… This is pure antisemitism,” he added.

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Donati then sought to raise a different issue, but Danon didn’t let her cover up her controversial comment so quickly. „It is unacceptable to mention and compare the Holocaust with what is happening in Israel today when we defend ourselves”.

Sky News acknowledged the total falsity of the analogy and the offensive nature of the remarks and apologised personally to Danny Danon.