Antisemitic Hate Crimes and Incidents Reports

Monitoring antisemitic hate crimes and incidents in Europe


One of the aims of the Action & Protection League is to heighten the awareness of antisemitism in society. The primary tool in achieving this is the continuous professional monitoring of hate crimes in public life. Neither Jewish communities nor individual Jews can be protected unless there is data on antisemitic incidents and other hate crimes and these are systematically collected and analyzed.

The data collected by APL is published in monthly reports, and a summary of the findings is published for the individual countries/regions in a yearly report. The monitoring and report writing are carried out by a team of experts in accordance with the methods developed by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). The reports are based on sources taken from international, independent monitoring services, local informants as well as data collected by other organizations working with same or similar issues. Facts and data are complemented with further analyses, graphs and illustrations, which present the social and cultural processes and tendencies that surround hate incidents.

Our reports contain detailed descriptions of the definition of hate incidents and our approach to solving the problems. The country-specific reports also provide critical information regarding the diverse nature of antisemitism as the character of antisemitic incidents is quite different in the monitored countries concerning content, expressions, and perpetrators.

APL’s monitoring activity provides the foundation for other programs and initiatives, as we believe knowledge of the actual situation(s) is an indispensable condition for the treatment of real problems. We also share the reports with the public and stakeholders (civil society organizations and public bodies, authorities) as these reports contribute to a clearer understanding of events and happenings and support problem solving: the lobby activities of civil society organizations, the work of public and law enforcement bodies and the development of policy areas.