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APL’s strategy and everyday activities are based on the triad of monitoring, legal action, and education, which are separate but synergistic activities at the same time. The foundation of our work is research and monitoring, as we believe any action on antisemitism must be based on facts and data, and should address real-life situations. Our monitoring and research are then used to initiative widespread legal actions to ensure legal protection of Jews and educational programs that can effectively prevent and tackle prejudices and discrimination.


APL has built a unique monitoring system to follow the emergence of all kinds of antisemitic incidents all across Europe. We are publishing monthly monitoring reports and annual summaries on antisemitic manifestations.

Our research activity also includes comprehensive surveys into antisemitic prejudices. We examine the forms, tendencies and reasons behind antisemitism with care and professional methods because a thorough assessment of actual issues and situations is a critical precondition for effective strategies and evidence-based problem solving.

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Legal action

An important message of APL’s activities is that hate crimes shall not remain without consequences. As part of legal action, APL provides legal aid services to victims of antisemitic incidents, which can include documentation, wording of complaints and statements, and even legal representation.

We are also working with authorities to develop a transparent legal environment, which provides legislative guarantees for the safety of the Jewish community, and which is also in line with EU legislation. To achieve this, we share professional data and offer guidance in decision-drafting processes of legislative procedures and in codification processes.

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The role of education is critical in countering antisemitism, as ignorance is a breeding ground for prejudiced thinking and antisemitic sentiments. Our educational program is therefore put together in a way that it contributes to dispelling misconceptions about the Jews and the Jewish community in several different ways.

We develop curriculum that address the history and continuing occurrence of antisemitism, create teaching plans and educational guides to educators and parents, and offer free resources that provides guidance and practical and innovative tools to learn about and address antisemitism.

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