Jewish man violently assaulted in London

A series of antisemitic assaults happened in North Stamford Hill, London, where a man on a bicycle attacked visibly Jewish people. In one instance, he ambushed a man, punched him and knocked off his kippah.

A Jewish man in London was ambushed by a man on a bicycle, who punched him and knocked off his kippah on October 28, reports The Jerusalem Post. Later the same day, several other incidents took place involving an attacker on a bike targeting visibly Jewish people.

“I tried but didn’t manage,” the assailant lamented after failing to knock a second Jewish victim’s kippah off. However, another unnamed victim was similarly ambushed by a man on a bike, who successfully knocked his kippah off and punched him in the face. The victim was seriously hurt, bleeding and bruised after the attack.

Over the next week, a series of other antisemitic incidents were reported, targeting Jewish males and even children and mothers with babies.

“I don’t know why Jews were saved from the war,” a racist female said to a Jewish mother and her baby on a public bus, “I hate Jews.”

However, not all of the recent assailants have gotten away free of consequence. As of yesterday, a man named Abdullah Qureshi, responsible for a spate of August 18 Stamford Hill antisemitic assaults, was convicted of hate crimes.

In 2021, UK Jews recorded 2,255 antisemitic incidents, the most ever recorded by the Community Security Trust, a British charity tasked with protecting the country’s Jewish community.