A Jordanian coffee chain offers „Holocaust coffee”

A Jordanian coffee company has added an item to its speciality coffee range that imitates the extermination of Jews by the Palestinian Hamas terrorist organisation.

„Taste the Arabic flavour” is the slogan used by a pro-Hamas coffee chain called Gosta Coffee in Jordan to advertise its latest speciality, the „Holo-Gosta”, a cup of coffee topped with marshmallows with a Star of David as a decoration, the marshmallows being burnt with a blowtorch by a barista wearing a glove in the colours of the Palestinian flag.

Pictures posted on Instagram confirm that it is a genuine product, offered in the shop exactly as advertised, according to Berliner Zeitung. Gosta’s followers on Instagram largely approve of the new product, with many reacting with smiley emojis. „Creativity in marketing,” comments one, „Hitler the barista,” writes another.

Nevertheless, many people, especially outside Jordan, were outraged by the post, with many not understanding how Instagram and Facebook could allow it to stay in place.

„Shocking and disgusting: Gosta Coffee, a Jordanian coffee chain, is launching a new drink called ‘Holo-Gosta’ with the slogan ‘Taste the Arabic flavour’. The image leaves no room for misinterpretation,” wrote Ahmad Mansour, the well-known pro-Israel Palestinian-German author on X.

In a separate post, the coffee chain expressed outrage over the protests, claiming that its Instagram page was blocked for several hours in response to an „offensive campaign” launched „by Zionists protesting against the new drink”. They believe this is also linked to the fact that their rating on Google Maps has dropped below two stars. „Despite all these threats, we continue to support the Palestinian cause,” the company says.

Many of the hundreds of civilians massacred by Hamas on 7 October were burned alive or after death. Women and children have been tied up and burned, and the bodies of babies have been found burned by Hamas terrorists; the Jerusalem Post reminds us why the advertisement is even more outrageous and distasteful.


Original article: tev.hu