A swastika was painted over the wall of a synagogue in Hungary

A swastika was painted over the wall of a synagogue in Budapest, Hungary, along with an antisemitic message in the elevator that reads “death to all Jews”.

Unknown perpetrators painted a swastika over the wall of the Frankel synagogue in Budapest, Hungary, during the Friday night service, reports the Action and Protection Foundation.

Two days earlier, on the brochure about flat renovations displayed in the elevator that leads to the parlour of the synagogue, the phrase “death to all Jews” appeared, along with a swastika and an SS symbol, and an AH monogram, most probably standing for Adolf Hitler.

The security service of the synagogue reported both cases at the police and handed in the evidence from the surveillance cameras from the neighbourhood. the police has launched an investigation against unidentified perpetrator(s).

The mayor of the second district strongly condemned the antisemitic attack. In his Facebook post, Gergely Őrsi claims that “Buda is proud to give home to one of the biggest and most prosperous Jewish community in Central Europe, providing them a peaceful and safe environment. Those who attack the synagogue, attack us all. People adopting such awful ideology have no place among us”.

The II. District Municipality provides all the support necessary to the Jewish religious community of Buda and the police.