Activists demand Amazon remove antisemitic content shared by Kyrie Irving

Jewish and human rights NGOs demand that Amazon removes antisemitic books popularized by the Kyrie Irving scandal.

Jewish and human rights NGOs have requested Amazon to remove an antisemitic film shared by basketballer Kyrie Irving and the books the documentary was based on, reports The Jerusalem Post.

The Jerusalem Post found on Friday that the book series was the top bestseller in three categories on Amazon’s website.

Further, Hebrews to Negroes was number 9 on the list of top audiobooks on Apple Books. The book was also found to be number 69 on Barnes & Noble’s top 100 bestselling books.

According to the International Legal Forum, the book and film shared by Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving in a since-deleted social media post deny the Holocaust, saying it was a fabrication to conceal Jewish power and control. Irving has been suspended from 5 games due to his hateful media content.

„It invokes a notorious antisemitic trope used by some Black extremists and supremacists, that so-called ‘white Jews’ are not the real Jews.” the ILF wrote. „And it also gives voice to and amplifies a host of other common and long-standing antisemitic tropes and conspiracy theories about Jewish power, greed and control.”

Several NGOs have addressed Amazon, demanding that the platform removes the film and the related book, which have become bestsellers since the Irving scandal.

„We wish to express our grave concern that the sickening antisemitic documentary and book ‘Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America’ not only remains for purchase or rent on your platform but alarmingly is currently also one of your best-selling items,” the International Legal Forum wrote on Sunday in a letter to Amazon’s Executive Chairman Jeff Bezos. „The ILF calls for the immediate removal of this film and book from distribution.”


Photo credit: Erik Drost