Adidas bans fans from adding ‘44’ to German team football shirt

Adidas has banned football fans from customising the German national shirt with the number 44 due to its perceived resemblance to the symbol used by Nazi SS units during the second world war.

Concerns were raised that the design of the Adidas German away kit is “very questionable”. However, an Adidas spokesperson denied that the kit’s resemblance to the Nazi symbols was intentional, reports The Guardian.

“We as a company are committed to opposing xenophobia, antisemitism, violence and hatred in every form,” he said. “We will block personalisation of the jerseys.”

The Schutzstaffel (SS) was a paramilitary organisation of Adolf Hitler tasked with carrying out the industrialised genocide of Jewish people across Europe, becoming synonymous with some of the worst crimes perpetrated by the Nazis.

This year’s European Football Championship will be held in Germany, with matches in 10 different cities.