Anti-Israel rioters at the Israeli embassy in Mexico

Eighteen police officers were injured by firebombs thrown in a riot at the Israeli embassy in Mexico.

The anti-Israeli protesters at the Israeli embassy in Mexico City threw Molotov cocktails and other objects at the police officers during the protest, which was organised in response to ongoing IDF military operations in the Hamas stronghold of Rafah, reports The Jerusalem Post.

The violent protesters set multiple fires in the area of the embassy. Five bus stations, several businesses, a police vehicle, and park benches were damaged. Sixteen officers were reportedly taken to the hospital for burns and other injuries, and two more officers were treated at the scene.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry confirmed that „there were no casualties, but minor damage was caused in the vicinity of the embassy.”

While Mexican Police said that protesters, some of them masked, clashed with the police who established a cordon, BDS Mexico, which called for the protest, accused the police of brutality, claiming that the police used tear gas, operated fire extinguishers and threw stones at the protesters, who they said included children, seniors, and disabled people.