Anti-Zionist flyers on campus before Sukkot

Anti-Zionist flyers were spotted before Sukkot at the George Washington University campus in Washington D.C.

Flyers stating „Zionists F*** off. Save Sheikh Jarrah. Free Palestine” were spotted throughout the George Washington University campus on Friday, October 7, two days before Sukkot, reports The Jerusalem Post.

CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington organisation, Gil Preuss, condemned the antisemitic flyers found on campus and said that such „hateful language is extremely harmful to GW’s Jewish students and the Jewish community at large, particularly on the heels of Yom Kippur and the upcoming holiday of Sukkot.”

The non-profit organisation StopAntisemitism criticised the university in response to the incident, claiming it is rated the worst among universities regarding the safety of Jewish students and their response to hate crimes on campus. The organisation also created a Twitter thread, which documents antisemitic incidences at the GW university campus.