Antisemitic BBC employee fired after outrageous comments

A BBC senior employee has been fired after she called Jews „lying scum” and compared Ben-Gurion to Adolf Hitler.

Dawn Queva, a senior scheduling coordinator for the UK’s BBC Three, has been fired after she called Jews „lying scum,” compared Israel’s first prime minister David Ben-Gurion to Adolf Hitler, denied the Holocaust, and called white people „mutant invaders” and a „barbaric bloodthirsty rapacious murderous genocidal thieving parasitical deviant breed,” reports The Jerusalem Post.

Queva made these comments on a private Facebook account, and they were brought to light last week by an article on the website Deadline, which reported that the posts „are understood to have been shared with alarm in WhatsApp groups that have sprung up since the October 7 attack.”

Jewish BBC staff have long been complaining of widespread antisemitism at the public broadcaster, and BBC director-general Tim Davie held a listening session for staff to voice concerns over the network’s coverage of the war in Gaza and the related changes in their work environment.

Observers such as Danny Cohen, who served as BBC Television’s director from 2013-2015, said the channel’s coverage of the war is „a failure of both journalistic credibility and public duty.”