Antisemitic British Video Streamer Receives a Four Years Sentence

Video streamer far-right extremist Richard Hesketh is jailed for four years after admitting inciting racial hatred.

On December 3, the British video streamer Richard Hesketh (36) was sentenced to imprisonment for four years after pleading guilty to seven counts of inciting racial hatred between 2018-2020.  He had been operating from his bedroom in Middleton, Manchester, posting 4,000 videos ranting about Jewish conspiracies, supporting violence against Jewish people and celebrating neo-Nazi terrorism, reports the Daily Mail.

According to the court, the footages created by Hesketh were viewed by millions around the world. One of the videos shows a violent attack on a Jewish person, and Hesketh expresses disappointment that the victim wasn’t killed. He also created content dressed up as a parody Jew called ‘George’.

After evidence was gathered by the antisemitism charity organisation the Community Security Trust, Hesketh was investigated by counter-terrorism police and the Manchester Crown Court jailed him for four years. Mr. Justice Ian Dove said ‘You peddled ancient tropes and slander against Jewish people.’, adding that ‘There is a clearly extreme quality to the racism and hostility in the material you authored, performed and broadcast.’