Antisemitic death threats written on the wall in a nightclub in Milan

Among the dozens of antisemitic incidents happening since the Israel-Hamas conflict, antisemitic death threats calling for the killing of Jews were found on the walls of a nightclub in the city of Milan, Italy.

Phrases translating to “death to Jews, rats we are coming to get you in your sewers” and “Nazi Jews you will pay,” accompanied by drawings of Arabic crescents and crossed-out Stars of David were reportedly found in the Bande Nere club in Milan’s former Jewish Quarter on Friday, October 20, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Milan’s Jewish community of about 10,000 Jews has been on high alert since the outbreak of conflict between Israel and Hamas. Milan has the second-largest Jewish community in Italy after Rome, and according to Italian officials, investigations are ongoing into multiple antisemitic incidents in Milan related to the conflict.

Jewish groups have issued guidelines to individuals and families, advising them to remain vigilant and to not linger in public places for long. “There is a tense and hate-filled atmosphere in the neighbourhood that affects everyone,” said one employee of the Bande Nere nightclub.

A pro-Palestinian demonstration was held in the city with about 4,000 protesters on October 14. Some chanted, “Open the borders so we can kill the Zionists,” and some held signs with the image of Anne Frank wearing a keffiyeh, or Arabic scarf.

Responding to the rally, Walker Meghnagi, president of the Jewish Community of Milan, said: “In Milan, for now, there are no problems; let’s hope it goes on like this; let’s think about what is happening in Israel instead.”