Antisemitic flyers blaming Jews for COVID-19 spread in the US

Antisemitic leaflets were spread in several US state as part of a “coordinated flyer drop” by the antisemitic Goyim Defense League.

According to the Secure Community Network (SCN), people in at least eight states found antisemitic fliers on their yards over the weekend, claiming Jews are responsible for COVID-19. The leaflets were part of a “coordinated flier drop,” by the anti-Semitic Goyim Defense League, reports the Jewish News Syndicate.

The antisemitic flyers were found in the states of Alabama, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, North Carolina, Texas and Vermont. The leaflet was titled “Every Single Aspect of the Coid Agenda Is Jewish”, and contained a QR code that linked to an antisemitic website run by the Goyim Defense League.

Michael Masters, CEO of the SCN, said that the case is proof that the Jewish community in the United States is still a target of antisemitism. “We must continue to fight anti-Semitism and ensure the Jewish community can flourish,” he added.

The Goyim Defense League had already distributed leaflets in the past, but never at so many locations at the same time.


Photo credit: Israel Hayom