Antisemitic graffiti found in Maryland

Antisemitic graffiti accompanied by an image of three people hanging from a noose was found along the Bethesda Trolley Trail in Maryland, US.

“No Mercy for Jews” was graffitied along the Bethesda Trolley Trail in Maryland. This was the second antisemitic incident in the area in the past few months, reports The Jerusalem Post.

According to photos posted online, the perpetrators drew three people hanging from a noose with the words “No Mercy for Jews.”

In addition, antisemitic graffiti was found at Old Georgetown Road and Tuckerman Lane, which included a swastika and white supremacy symbols.

Maryland leadership and Jewish organisations strongly condemn the vandalism.

“I am deeply disturbed by several horrific antisemitic graffiti which occurred overnight in our community near the Trolley Trail in Bethesda and along Tuckerman Lane with a swastika and neo-Nazi symbolism as well as ‘White Power’ and ‘Defend Bethesda’,” Andrew Friedson, Montgomery County Council member tweeted.

According to Friedson, “these are just the latest in an alarming rise in antisemitic incidents in the country. We will not accept or tolerate anti-Jewish hatred in our community and will not allow antisemitism in any of its forms to be normalised or desensitised. We must continue to come together to make clear that: Hate has no place here.”