Antisemitic incidents at the London derby

Arsenal football team have launched an investigation into reports of antisemitism at a match against north London rivals Tottenham Hotspur in the North London derby at Tottenham.

During the match against rivals Tottenham Hotspur in the North London derby at Tottenham, one Arsenal supporter reported that another Arsenal supporter made „grossly offensive” antisemitic statements. Allegedly, antisemitic chants also took place at a pub in Islington, where Arsenal are based.

Arsenal Football Club has released a statement condemning „grossly offensive antisemitic comments” made by Arsenal fans during the North London derby on Sunday. The club also added that it was „appalled” to hear that a fan overheard antisemitic statements made by a fellow supporter, and that antisemitic chants were also sung at an Islington pub, claiming it will „not stand for this kind of behaviour” and said that anyone identified as being involved in antisemitism will receive a „lengthy club ban” and that their details would be given to the police.

„On the same afternoon, we were dismayed to learn of an incident at The Cally pub in Islington where other anti-Semitic chants were heard,” the team’s representatives added. „We recognise the impact this behaviour has had on many of our Jewish supporters and others and condemn this type of language which has no place in sport or society.”

Arsenal also said it is working to identify those involved in the incidents so that they can be banned from the club and prosecuted.