Antisemitic property owners removed from

Two Israelis had their reservation cancelled on because the Serbian host refused to accept Jewish customers. deleted all properties owned by a Serbian host who refused two Israelis because they are Jewish, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Two weeks ago, when the host learnt that the reservation was made by Israelis, he wrote to them: “Sorry, Jews are not welcome in our apartment, please cancel your reservation, thank you.”

An organization that works to protect human rights and stop injustice towards Jews in particular, named Btsalmo, contacted and demanded all properties of the Serbian B&B be removed from the site.

In the letter, the CEO of Btsalmo organization Shay Glick noted’s policy regarding discrimination and hate, which the website prohibited, including antisemitic comments made to customers.

The website responded to the letter by immediately removing the relevant properties, due to the owner’s violation of the company’s code of conduct.