Antisemitic sentiment gets out of control at Polish Independence Day march

During the annual Independence march led by the far-right on the Polish Independence Day in Warsaw, many anti-fascist activists were detained for protesting against the antisemitic sentiment of the march.

Opposition politicians in Poland criticised the police for detaining anti-fascist activists but not reacting to the appearance of a Nazi-era symbol during a nationalist march on the Polish Independence Day, reports The Times Of Israel.

Many liberal groups who oppose the march have, for years, accused the police of unfavourable treatment toward the activists opposing the nationalists who attend the march and who, on many occasions, used Nazi symbols and chants.

The detention of the activists occurred during this year’s far-right-led Independence March in Warsaw on November 11, where counter-protesters held white roses and a banner reading “Nationalism is not patriotism” before police removed them from a location near the march route.

While the peaceful protesters were removed, the police did not appear to intervene when a group of participants carried a banner with the “Black Sun” symbol of Nazi Germany’s SS guards. However, the promotion of totalitarian ideologies is illegal in Poland.

Moreover, the next day, another antisemitic event occurred amid Independence Day events in the Polish city of Krakow, where speakers denounced Jewish people in a park. One speaker talked about burning Jews, and the crowd chanted, “Down with the Jewish occupation.”