Antisemitic wave sweeps the world since Hamas terrorist attack

A large number of open, blatant anti-Israel and anti-Jewish demonstrations and atrocities have swept the world since the October 7 attack on Israel by the Hamas terrorist organisation. This article is a non-exhaustive overview of international marches and protests.

In several European cities, the police had to step up the protection of Jewish and Israeli institutions because there has been an increase in pro-Palestinian, ‘anti-Zionist’ demonstrations and antisemitic incidents since the brutal attack on Israel by the Palestinian terrorist organisation Hamas on October 7. The phenomenon is not new: we have seen in recent years that when Israel is attacked and goes to war against terrorists, antisemitic and anti-Jewish protests grow.

In Berlin, the extremist Palestinian organisation Samidoun celebrated the terror of Hamas by distributing sweets, and in Duisburg, the intervention of the police prevented aggressive pro-Palestinian demonstrators from fighting with pro-Israel protesters at a commemoration.

Muslim organisations in Germany did not explicitly condemn Hamas but instead criticised the Israeli settlement movement. In several cases, Arab children provoked disputes in schools, including a 15-year-old boy in Berlin-Neukölln who punched a teacher for trying to take away a Palestinian flag he had brought to school.

In London, nearly 5,000 people marched and danced in front of the Israeli embassy to celebrate the Hamas massacres. They called Israel a „terrorist state” and called for a new intifada. Videos posted on social media show Muslims kneeling on a prayer mat at the edge of the rally and praying.

Unknown assailants smashed the window of a kosher restaurant and robbed the restaurant. A vigil for terrorists was held near the Prime Minister’s residence in Downing Street.

According to the Jewish organisation Community Security Trust (CST),  in Britain, the number of reports of antisemitic incidents has tripled since the weekend compared to the same period last year.

In France, home to Europe’s largest Jewish population, police arrested ten people in connection with 20 reported antisemitic incidents. Reports included threats against synagogues and shoppers visiting Jewish shops and harassment of Jewish children in schools.

The police have also received a flood of complaints about antisemitic hate speech and glorification of terrorism online, resulting in 44 ongoing investigations. In addition to Islamists, movements calling themselves „post-colonialist” and far-left parties have also cheered Hamas attacks.

The surge in incidents in just three days is „dramatic, „said Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, announcing the introduction of reinforced security measures at 400 Jewish gathering places in France.

In Madrid, the city’s main synagogue in the Chamberí district was graffitied with the slogan „Free Palestine” alongside a crossed-out Star of David. According to officials from the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain, the graffiti was removed from the main entrance of the synagogue within hours of its discovery.

According to Isaac Benzaquén Pinto, president of the Jewish Federation, the Spanish Interior Ministry has strengthened police surveillance around synagogues and Jewish landmarks. Madrid is home to an estimated 12-15,000 Jews.

In New York, hundreds of people demonstrated against Israel for days at various rallies. On Saturday in Times Square, some 300 demonstrators chanted, ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’, calling for the destruction of the Jewish state. One participant even held up a swastika.

Perhaps the most scandalous demonstration occurred in Sydney, where Hamas supporters marched outside the world-famous Opera House on Monday night, protesting against the lighting of the building in Israel’s colours and chanting „Gas the Jews!” and „Allahu Akbar”.


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