Asian-American comedian mocks October 7 massacre

Comedian Hans Kim joked about the October 7 massacre on stage, proudly posting the video on his Instagram account @djhanskim.

The initial video of Hans Kim received the support of nearly 10,000 viewers on Instagram alone. The video depicts the comedian’s stage time as he goes on mocking the October 7 massacre of Israelis by Hamas terrorists, reports The Jerusalem Post.

He makes jokes about the bombing in Gaza and the Palestinian death toll, saying, „It’s a real halal-ocaust over there.”

He mentions the many Israelis who lost their lives at the NOVA music festival massacre before proceeding to blame the victims for the location which hosted the music festival: „Why are you having a music festival next to Gaza?”

„Call me a pussy, but I refuse to party a paraglide away from a bunch of hungry, thirsty Arabs,” Kim adds, referring to the location of the music festival.

His rhetoric was not only offensive towards Israelis but also towards Arab people. While mocking the horrifying events in Israel and Gaza, Kim didn’t stop smiling for a second, and the audience continued to laugh in the background after every joke the comedian made.

His act was reposted by social media account @antisemitismtoday and influencer Melissa Chapman, which both frequently highlight antisemitic rhetoric and posts found across the web.