Attacker of British Rabbi sentenced to 3,5 years in youth offender’s institution  

The 19 year old assailant of Rabbi Goodwin was sentenced to 43 monhs in a youth offenders’ institution after admitting to attack Rabbi Goodwin.

Souraka Djabouri, a 19-year-old British man has been sentenced to 43 months in a youth offenders’ institution for assaulting British Rabbi Rafi Goodwin in May 2021, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Djabouri admitted in court to have stroke Rabbi Goodwin on the head with a brick during the 2021 Israeli conflict in Gaza, which resulted in increased antisemitic sentiment in the United Kingdom and in other European countries.

First, Djabouri and an accomplice verbally assaulted the rabbi, and then vandalized and stroke his car while he was driving away. When Rabbi Goodwin got out of the car to assess the damage, Djabouri struck him over the head with a brick and stole his cellphone.

The Essex Police said in a statement that dealing with hate crime is a priority, and an employee of the Loughton Criminal Investigation Department (CID) claimed that their cooperation with their Essex partners allows them to identify hate crime offenders and bring them to justice.