Attacker of Graz Synagogue Convicted

The man who attacked the Graz Synagogue in August 2020 went on trial on Thursday.

The 32-year-old Syrian man who committed multiple crimes in Graz between 18-22 August, including the attack on the synagogue and upon Elie Rosen, head of the Jewish community, faced trial on Thursday, October 21, and was sentenced to three years in prison. The public prosecutor applied for the convict’s application to an institution for mentally impaired lawbreakers, which was included in the judgement. The judgement, however, is not final.

The Syrian arrived in Austria in 2013. His aversion was directed against not only Jews but also homosexuals and prostitutes. Despite his aggressive behaviour in August when throwing stones at the synagogue and attacking Elie Rosen with a wooden stick, he was peaceful in court and admitted to and repented all his crimes. Psychiatric expert Manfred Walzl diagnosed the convict with „fanatical, paranoid personality disorder” and suggested his application to an institution for mentally impaired lawbreakers. According to his prognosis, without psychotherapy, the man will remain prone to violence.

Since the defendant confessed extensively, most of the witnesses were dispensed. Elie Rosen didn’t even attend the trial, declaring that the damages made in the synagogue and in his car had been already settled.