Baudet brought to court for making a Holocaust-Covid parallel

Dutch Jewish organisations take Thierry Baudet to court for making Holocaust-Covid comparisons.

Dutch Jewish organisations take Thierry Baudet, founder and leader of the far-right Dutch party, Forum voor Democratie (Forum for Democracy), to court for repeatedly making a public comparison between the Holocaust and the Covid-19 measures. Doing so, the organisations says, “is seriously offensive and unnecessarily hurtful to the murdered victims, survivors and relatives”.

The organisations demand that Baudet removes all posts from his social media that uses the comparison, also that he is banned from using Holocaust images in debates about coronavirus measures. Every day that passes without him complying, he should be fined €25,000, the organisations say.

They highlight three statements made by Baudet: “the unvaccinated are the new Jews, those who look away the new Nazis’. He also made a comparison between unvaccinated children, who therefore couldn’t attend a party, and a Jewish boy wearing a star of David on their back in the Lodz ghetto. The third incident involved Baudet saying it is “totally ironic” that the former Buchenwald concentration camp brought special measured for the unvaccinated, highlighting that “history is repeating itself”.

‘In the Netherlands, everyone is free to oppose the coronavirus regulations, but not by using such statements.’, claim the organisations in a press statement.

The case will be heard on December 15.