Belgian-Israeli man receives back his letter with swastika

A Belgian-Israeli man sent a letter to Belgium, but it was mailed back to him, because a swastika rendered the address illegible.

A Belgian-Israeli man from Rishon LeZion, Israel, sent a letter to Belgium, which was mailed back to him due to the illegible destination address, which was scrawled on with a swastika and the slur „J F***”.

The sender reported the incident, informing the Israeli Embassy in Belgium, several Jewish organisations and the Israel Post Office. He also urged the Israel Post Office to file a complaint against the Belgian postal company that processed the letter, which claimed that it was conducting an investigation, though having limited resources to do so. The spokeswoman of the company strongly condemned the incident, telling the press that „It goes without saying that we will do everything possible to shed light on this matter and that we are ready to take the appropriate measures to defend the values that we hold dear and that make up our identity.”

The incident provoked outrage among organisations fighting against antisemitism.


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