British social media influencer shares antisemitic post

A social media influencer known for pulling pranks recorded himself wearing a stolen Hasidic hat and saying antisemitic slurs.

On Instagram, a British social media prankster going by the name ‘Mizzygram’ recorded himself biking in a Hasidic hat and saying antisemitic slurs, the Shomrim reported in a tweet.

In the video, the online prankster is seen wearing a stolen Hasidic black hat, saying, „I’m a f***ing Jew”, and then speaking in gibberish.

This influencer uses his social media platforms to play practical jokes and disrupt innocent bystanders, often by seeking out strangers in the city and disrupting them with the intention of filming.

It is unclear how the perpetrator acquired the hat; however, this is another example of ongoing antisemitic incidents at Stamford Hill.