Burning object thrown at Israeli embassy in The Hague

A burning object was thrown at the Israeli embassy in The Hague, the Netherlands. One suspect has been arrested by the police.

According to an X post by the police, no one has been wounded in the incident. The investigation is ongoing, but no further details are provided by the police or the embassy, reports The Jerusalem Post.

However, the embassy posted a statement on its official X account, confirming the incident and expressing outrage that such a thing could be carried out in the Netherlands.

„This proves the dangerous consequences of the worrying trend of increasing hatred and incitement,” the post said.

Following threats, extra security has been added at the Israeli embassy in The Hague.

Since October 7, there has been a rapid rise in the number of antisemitic hate crimes in Europe, targeting individuals, synagogues and Israeli official institutions, including embassies.

In response to the latest incident in The Hague, Rabbi Shmuel Katz of the Amsterdam Jewish Community claimed that „this is not an unusual event with the number of antisemitic incidents in the Netherlands rising since October 7.”

Rabbi Katz added that the Jewish community of the Netherlands has been gradually feeling threatened since October 7, being compelled to hide their Jewish identity.


Photo credit: twitter.com/POL_DenHaag