Deutsche Welle Investigates Allegations of Antisemitism

The Deutsche Welle externally investigates antisemitic allegations made against its employees.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung has reported antisemitic and anti-Israeli statements by several employees of the German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle. According to the allegations, in recent years, members of the Arabic editorial team and international freelancers of the station had posted antisemitic and anti-Israel statements online that were later deleted. The broadcaster responded promptly, reports the Spiegel.

The art director of the station immediately commissioned an independent external investigation, which will deal with the statements cited in the article, examining the private social media profiles of the suspected employees. The Deutsche Welle broadcaster clearly stipulates which values are to be respected by all employees, which they have to represent both internally and externally.

DW claims that following the investigation, it will take immediate action, should the allegations of violations of the rules of the codex of the Editor-in-Chief prove to be true.