Emerging hardline Dutch coalition would move the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

The planned coalition of the PVV, VVD, NSC, and BBB parties wants to move the Dutch embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The parties wrote in their agreement: „The Netherlands supports the right of existence and the safety of the State of Israel.” The notion is a substantial shift for the VVD, as well as NSC leader Pieter Omtzigt, reports the NL Times.

„Considering the solutions for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the diplomatic interests, research will be done into when the best time is to move the embassy to Jerusalem.”

Only a few countries have embassies in Jerusalem, as both the Israelis and Palestinians consider it to be their capital. Therefore, it has been viewed as a controversial decision in international relations, even though Israel’s seat of government is in West Jerusalem.

The new coalition’s decision to move the embassy has also proven disconcerting to a group of civil servants, former ministers, ambassadors, and diplomats. „We do not see how this fits within our own constitution and international rights.”

However, the Center for Information and Documentation Israel (CIDI) is positive about the outline agreement, saying that moving the Dutch embassy will work under the right conditions. „The position and support for Israel is strengthened, and antisemitism is also being further combated. Two important pillars for our organisation,” said Naomi Mestrum, who leads the Jewish and Israeli interest group.

„It is courageous that they have tackled it like this, and if it happens, we will cheer it on. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and therefore, it is not so crazy that the embassy should move there. The Netherlands is not unique in this; a few other countries have already done it or are contemplating doing it.”


Photo credit: Credit: ruskpp / Depositphotos