False, antisemitic info circulates in an online course

A dental assistant from the UK attended an online course where she was exposed to antisemitic and false content.

A dental assistant from the United Kingdom was asked by her employer to attend an online course on child safety through Bupa, an international organisation of dentists, and was surprised to be exposed to antisemitic content, reports The Jerusalem Post.

“As part of the course, we learned about signs of abuse, and it was written that Jews circumcise girls – a fact that is not true and even antisemitic,” the assistant said anonymously to the press.

“I was shocked and posted it on the Jewish Britain Facebook group.”

The reporter contacted the Bupa about the incident, and they responded: “We thank you for bringing this to our attention. The course was prepared by a third party and was not reviewed by us. We have now instructed that this offensive content be taken down. We apologise to those who were harmed by this.”

“Antisemitism of any kind should not be passed over in silence, both in the public space and in the online space, and it is appropriate that this case should also be dealt with severely,” noted Tomer Aldubi, CEO of Fighting Online Antisemitism (FOA).