Far-left French politician’s comments on October 7 spark controvery

Rima Hassan, a French-Palestinian lawyer and a new European Parliament member for the far-left party La France Insoumise (LFI) referred to the October 7 attacks as „legitimate.”

Her comments drew severe backlash from various quarters, including legal authorities and political figures in France, and put her and her party in a precarious position, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Hassan’s remarks led to legal repercussions. French authorities summoned her for questioning, considering the comments as potentially advocating terrorism.

Political figures from across the spectrum criticized her, with accusations that her views promoted antisemitism and undermined the legitimacy of the Israeli state.

Besides legal and political challenges, Hassan faced public backlash. Events featuring her were canceled due to the controversy surrounding her statements.

There were significant shifts in the political landscape in France during the parliamentary elections. La France Insoumise (LFI) managed to secure a notable portion of the vote, despite the controversies surrounding their candidates, including Hassan. Nevertheless, the controversy surrounding Hassan undoubtedly affected LFI’s campaign, as the party had to navigate the delicate balance of supporting Palestinian rights while addressing accusations of promoting antisemitism.


Photo credit: F. Greuez / SIPA / 20 minutes