Fast-food restaurant sparks outrage selling offensive items in Argentina

An Argentinian eatery sparks outrage among the local Jewish community by selling „Adolf” fries and „Ana Frank” burgers.

A fast-food restaurant in Argentina sparked outrage among the local Jewish community and on social media by selling items named „Adolf” [Hitler] fries and „Ana Frank” burgers, reports The Jerusalem Post. The items were later removed from the menu, and the restaurant apologised „for the offence and the lack of a sense of responsibility for the improper use of names that refer to open wounds in humanity as a whole.”


The offensive items were sold at the „Honky Donky” restaurant in Rafaela in the Sante Fe Province of Argentina. References to other figures in history included „Benito” fries, „Gengis” fries, „Mao” fries, „Elvis Presley” burgers, a „Gautama Buda” burger, and a „Bob Marley” burger. The items were advertised on the restaurant’s menu and on Instagram, though their profile is private and only approved members can view their content.

The local Jewish community expressed „heartfelt rejection and indignation” regarding the naming decision of the restaurant, and the Israelite Cultural and Sports Association’ IL Peretz’ stressed that the names are „offensive, insulting, and disgusting” and called on the relevant authorities to carry out legal action.

The Argentinian media noted that the restaurant may be subject to Argentina’s anti-discrimination law. In addition, there are also international agreements that have been signed by the country that sanction this type of publication.

Ariel Rosenthal, a member of the board of directors of the Rafaela Jewish Community, stated that the incident is „completely atypical” for the city of Rafaela, where there is „an excellent coexistence between the different communities and religions.”