Flight attendants wearing Palestinian flag pins cause controversy

Flight attendants on an Australian airline caused uproar by wearing Palestinian flag pins, which goes against the airline’s code of conduct.

Flight attendants of the Australian airline Qantas caused controversy by wearing Palestinian flag pins on their uniforms on a flight from Melbourne to Hobart, Tasmania. According to the airline, wearing pins that are not official badges goes against their guidelines, reports The Jerusalem Post.

The decision to wear the pins was condemned by the Jewish passengers of the plane. Qantas Airways responded by saying, „Flight crew members are only allowed to wear badges that match the official flight uniforms.”

„Political activism has no place on vacation flights,” said Robert Gregory, a Jewish community leader in Australia.

„The employees who participated in this should be fired,” added the CEO of the Australian Jewish Association.

This is not the first time Qantas employees have expressed their pro-Palestinian sentiment on a flight. Last December, a passenger on a flight claimed that one of the flight attendants shouted „Free Palestine” at the end of reading the instructions.

Another passenger reported that in November, a Qantas employee on a return flight to Israel asked her if she „hears the bombs your government is dropping in Gaza,” adding that „What your government is doing is terrible.”