Fox News removes George Soros cartoon upon ADL complaint

News giant Fox News removed a cartoon depicting George Soros as a puppet master from its media platforms after ADL voiced condemnation.

Fox News employee A.F. Branco drew a cartoon depicting Holocaust survivor and billionaire philanthropist George Soros as a puppet master, manipulating a Democratic district attorney holding up a sign saying “defund the police” and a Democratic attorney general holding up a sign saying “no bail.”

The Anti-Defamation League called out the conservative news giant for distributing antisemitic tropes, writing in a Wednesday tweet that “As we have told @FoxNewsnumerous times, casting a Jewish individual as a puppet master who manipulates national events for malign purposes conjures up longstanding antisemitic tropes about Jewish power and contributes to the normalization of antisemitism. This needs to be removed.”

Fox News removed the cartoon from its social media platforms, and although the spokesman of ADL said they are happy to see the posts gone, they are not sure the news agency acted upon their request.

In recent years, György Soros has often been a target of right-wing anger and antisemitic conspiracy theories.