French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin

The French government dissolved two pro-Palestinian associations for inciting hatred and supporting organisations known as terrorists.

On February 24, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin already announced the launch of the dissolution procedure against two pro-Palestinian associations at the request of French President Emmanuel Macron.

One of the associations is the ‘Comité Action Palestine’, the Palestine Action Committee, which according to the minister called for hatred, violence and discrimination. Based on its website, the association is “working for the national rights of the Palestinian people”, also claiming that it denounces “Zionism as a colonialist and racist movement”.

As stated by the decree of dissolution, the association is an anti-Zionis gropu that supports “organizations known as terrorists and inciting terrorism by suggesting that the creation of a Palestinian state […] can only be achieved at the cost of dismantling the State of Israel” at the end of an armed conflict.

In addition, articles of “antisemitic nature” have also appeared ont he organisation’s website, stirring up divisions within the national community.

The lawyers of the association announced their intention to challenge the decision before the Council of State, saying that the dissolution „aims to stifle any criticism, certainly hard, of the policy of Israel.”

The other association is the “Collectif Palestine vaincra”, which was dissolved for broadly the same reasons as the Action Committee. “As detailed in the decree that I presented, it called for hatred, violence and discrimination,” wrote the interior minister. Among the latest actions of the association, based in Toulouse, a campaign ‘#Palestine2022’ aimed at “denouncing the collaboration of French governments with Israeli apartheid” and to “invite the subject of the Palestinian cause in the debates of the presidential election,” reads its website.

The decree of dissolution denounces in particular a “hatred of Jews”.