German soccer fans accused of Nazi salutes

Supporters of the German football club, Eintracht Frankfurt, were caught on camera giving Nazi salutes ahead of a UEFA Champions League match.

A pair of German soccer fans of Eintracht Frankfurt were caught on camera appearing to give Nazi salutes before a UEFA Champions League match against Marseille on Tuesday.

Violence flared before kick-off and during the game, which again made headlines for the wrong reasons.

Since Marseille fans had caused serious trouble in London in their Champions League debut this season, this match was considered high-risk and security was tightened up ahead of the event.

A pair of Frankfurt fans, apparently giving Nazi salutes, were caught on camera, and the club immediately distanced themselves from this behaviour in a Twitter statement.

„Eintracht Frankfurt is committed to tolerance and diversity and has made its position very clear in the fight against racism, antisemitism and discrimination.”

„The club dissociates itself completely and utterly from the one isolated incident,” it added, where it said „a gesture resembling a Nazi salute was made.”

„Antisemitic ideas are totally opposed to the club’s categoric and immutable values and its roots,” Frankfurt continued, detailing that the person „who can be seen on the video and who has yet to be identified” reported themselves to fan representatives in the stadium and „emphatically denies the accusation of antisemitic motives.”

The club is committed to conducting a detailed investigation and claimed it was „ashamed of people who come from Frankfurt, carry the eagle on their chest and give the Nazi salute.”

„You don’t belong to this club; you don’t belong to this city; you don’t belong to us,” they said.

Eintracht Frankfurt is among the most prominent anti-far-right Bundesliga teams. Its president, Peter Fischer, is a dedicated fighter against racism and antisemitism and expects similar values from the club’s players and fans.