Green politician received a death threat in Hungary

András Jámbor, the deputy floor leader of the Hungarian Dialogue – The Greens’ Party, was called a „dirty Jew” and received a death threat.

András Jámbor received a handwritten letter in which he was threatened with death in a barbaric, antisemitic manner. The politician of the Hungarian green political party, the Dialogue – The Green’s Party, posted a photo of the letter on his public Facebook page, reports the TEV.

According to Jámbor, the letter’s content is „clearly linked to the smear campaign that Fidesz and its media are conducting against him and the Spark community.” The letter was signed with „Betyárok,” meaning „outlaws.”

On the letter’s printed header, two lines from Sándor Petőfi’s poem, „What the German does not speak…” are quoted: „You occupy your whore, But not our country…” In the title, the German word has been crossed out and replaced by ‘dirty Jew’. The header also reads, „Message to Shimon Peres, President of Israel.”

The content of the letter is as follows:

„So you have done nothing wrong? It’s not enough that you sit in the Hungarian parliament, though you are a sick, paedophile animal? In certain periods of history, gay aberrants like you were segregated and exiled so as not to poison a healthy society. Your whole existence reeks of contagion. Unfortunately, the criminal institution of „liberal parliamentary democracy” allows the scum to surface! We’ll make sure you get below the surface. You will meet your ugly end soon enough. We are very close!!!”

Signed: „Outlaws. No mercy for sick, paedophile animals!!!”

The letter is presumably related to the recent discovery of paedophile content on the computer of a member of the Szikra (Spark) Movement led by András Jámbor. After the case broke out, the man committed suicide.