Hamas servers right beneath the UNRWA headquarters in Gaza

The Hamas terrorist organisation set up a server room right underneath the UN aid agency in Gaza, the UNRWA headquarters. What Israeli forces found at the site proves that there is an indisputable connection between the murderous organisation and the infamous Palestinian UNRWA. 

The Islamist Hamas terrorist organisation has set up a data centre under the Gaza headquarters of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinians (UNRWA), an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman said on Sunday.

In the tunnel, Israeli soldiers uncovered computers, high-performance servers, the industrial batteries that run them and the living quarters of the Hamas gunmen who operate them. As all this was under the UNRWA headquarters, Israel did not launch air strikes on the site, which was discovered through information obtained from the interrogation of Palestinian prisoners in the upmarket Rimal neighbourhood of Gaza City.

The main entrance to the tunnel was under a UNRWA school, but Hamas had blocked it earlier. The Israeli military engineers found the highest part of the tunnel at a depth of about eight metres and opened it up at that point. The corridor, which is about seven hundred metres long, has several branches and leads to a spacious room with flooring, tiles, air conditioning and lighting, where the army says Hamas IT and intelligence staff monitored and managed the data centre.

„This is the farm from which Hamas created its intelligence superiority. There are ten server cabinets here, full of much-coveted information. You could only get to this place with manoeuvring soldiers. You can’t do this by remote control or with an aerial bomb. Above us is UNRWA’s huge building, which Hamas intentionally located here so we couldn’t strike it. This is Hamas’ intelligence treasure,” said Col. Nissim Hazan, who was brought in to command the operation to expose the tunnel.

„We’re in UNRWA’s server room. Coincidentally – I say this cynically – it’s located right above the server room you found underground,” he says. „Notice that all the cables are ripped and disconnected; they left almost nothing, only what they managed to cut off. We’re lucky a few cables remained and that they didn’t manage to cut off some of the cables going down below. They took out all the DVRs and computers from here. Only someone who has something to hide does something like this. What kind of international humanitarian organisation that only has good intentions behaves this way?” said Col. Hazan.

Israel Hayom journalist Ariel Kahana explained that he saw the cables connecting UNRWA’s communication room on the first floor of the building to Hamas’ server room exactly underneath it with his own eyes.

„Did Thomas White, UNRWA Gaza director since the summer of 2021, not notice the trucks removing soil for years from the compound he managed? Did he not wonder who the people walking around his headquarters were when he didn’t employ them? Was he not puzzled by the computers, air conditioners, servers, batteries, cement mixers, cables, tiles, steel doors, and even the motorcycles that arrived in his backyard without him ordering them? Did he not notice the fibres that very strangely dangled from his communication room to an unknown destination underground? Did he never once have a doubt that made him think to report to his superiors at the UN?” asks Mr Kahana.

According to Israeli military spokesmen, documents were found in the offices of the aid organisation, which indicated that the offices were also used by Hamas gunmen. They believe that UNRWA workers must have known that Hamas was digging a tunnel under them and that Hamas’ underground infrastructure was also powered by electrical cables running down from the UN building.

Before the Israeli soldiers arrived, UNRWA computers were taken away, surveillance camera cables cut, and data deleted, in what the army says was to hide Hamas’ collaboration with the UN’s Palestinian aid agency. UNRWA leadership denies this link.

In January, Israel accused twelve UN aid workers of involvement in the 7 October Hamas offensive, which killed around 1,200 people and took more than 20050 hostages into the Gaza Strip. Following Israeli accusations, several countries have cut off financial support to UNRWA.


Photo credit: AFP