Hamas terror operation expanded in Europe

Israeli security authorities revealed on Saturday night that Hamas is working to advance terror attacks in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

According to a statement by Mossad, the Israel Security Agency and the Israel Defence Forces, they have gained „considerable” information proving that Hamas „acted to expand its violent activity abroad in order to attack innocents around the world, „reports the EuropeNews.

The Israeli security agencies claim to have uncovered „a comprehensive and in-depth picture of Hamas’s terrorist activities… including details of areas of action, targets for attacks and those involved in implementing the activity–from Hamas commanders in Lebanon to the last attackers in the operational infrastructure, as well as information on the intention to attack the Israeli Embassy in Sweden, the acquisition of UAVs and the use of elements from criminal organisations in Europe.”

The statement highlighted that Hamas „draws inspiration” from the global terrorist activity of Iran, which aims to attack Israeli, Jewish and Western targets „at any price.”

„The Mossad, the ISA and the IDF, in conjunction with the international security and enforcement bodies, will continue their efforts to thwart the terrorist intentions of Hamas and all terrorist organisations, and to settle accounts with them everywhere in the world, on behalf of the security of the State of Israel and the Jewish people,” added the statement.

Last month, Danish and German authorities arrested seven suspects acting on behalf of Hamas to attack civilians on European soil.