Hamas threatens to execute Israeli civilian hostages

Hamas announced on Monday that it will begin executing Israeli civilian hostages and posting the videos online if more Palestinian civilians are killed in the Gaza Strip.

As of Monday, 300,000 reserve Israeli forces were called up as Israel said it was conducting a siege of the Palestinian-held Gaza Strip. The siege is in response to Hamas’ attack that Israel said left more than 700 of its citizens dead.

The Palestinians said that Israel’s retaliation has left over 400 dead in the Gaza Strip.

Israel believes that some of its citizens are currently being held hostage in the Gaza Strip by Hamas militants.

„They will put them in the underground tunnels so Israel thinks twice about striking those areas,” said Jonathan Panikoff, director of the Middle East security initiative with the Atlantic Council’s Middle East Program. „It’s going to complicate Israel’s operational efforts and the tactical efforts.”



Source: ScrippNews