Hanover doctor under investigation due to incitement to hatred

On his private website, a doctor in Hanover, Germany, railed against the „religion of annihilation, Judaism” and the „terrorist state of Israel”.

A doctor is being investigated by the Hanover police on suspicion of antisemitic hate speech. On his private website, the doctor ranted against the „religion of annihilation, Judaism” and the „terrorist state of Israel,” adding that its goal is the „Jewish world slavery under the delusions of the five books of Moses and the Talmud”. Among other things, he says that: „Moses is really a true type for the destruction of mankind” and that Israel is a „Nazi state”.

A spokeswoman for the Hanover police department said that state security is following up on relevant information. The complaint had been made by the German-Jewish association „Werteinitiative” based in Berlin.

The general practitioner and former AfD official had already been sentenced to a fine of 180 daily rates in July 2020 by the Burgwedel district court for anti-Jewish hate speech. Nevertheless, he kept spreading hatred of Jews and conspiracy theories on his private website and in a book. At the time, the AfD had distanced itself from the man and excluded him from the party.

According to information from the administrative court in Hanover, the physician has appealed against the revocation of his medical license. However, that was dismissed in November 2022. The man has appealed to the Higher Administrative Court in Lüneburg.