Harvard students host memorial for ‘martyrs’ of Al Shifa hospital

The Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee organised a memorial where students gathered to honour the victims of a recent IDF raid in the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza.

Students at Harvard University held a wake and memorial on Tuesday, March 19, to honour „martyrs” killed during the IDF’s Monday night raid on Al-Shifa hospital, where Hamas terrorists were reportedly hiding. The victims of the raid included a senior Hamas commander, Faiq Mabhouh, reports The Jewish Chronicle.

The Palestine Solidarity Committee at Harvard posted an invitation to a „Community Wake for Al-Shifa Hospital” on Monday. The caption read: „Last night, IOF STORMED Al-Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s last medical complex. Over 30,000 Palestinians, including wounded patients and forcibly displaced people, are TRAPPED inside. Al Jazeera has reported that their correspondent and team of journalists have been detained at the site with multiple Palestinians being MARTYRED overnight.”

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The post invited students to „mourn the martyrs and ongoing genocide that Harvard is complicit in.”

A video posted by the group on Tuesday showed dozens of students holding Palestinian flags while reciting in unison a statement condemning the IDF’s raid on Al-Shifa.

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„Today, we come together as a community to mourn the martyrs at Al-Shifa hospital and the over 31,000 Palestinians killed in over 160 days of genocide,” the attendees read. „We are assembling here as Harvard students and community members to bring accountability to Harvard’s moral and material complicity in colonial violence, apartheid, and ongoing genocide.”

According to the Harvard Crimson, the university newspaper, over 80 students attended the vigil at the Smith Campus Center, which was jointly organised by the Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee, Harvard African and African American Resistance Organisation, Harvard Jews for Palestine, Graduate Students 4 Palestine, Law Students for a Free Palestine and Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine.

The newspaper quoted from a speaker at the event: „The attack on Al-Shifa — like an attack on any hospital — is the clearest case of a crime against humanity.”

Israel officials said the raid on Al-Shifa was based on „intelligence information indicating the use of the hospital by senior Hamas terrorists to command attacks”. They reported having killed 20 Hamas militants there, including senior Hamas commander Faiq Mabhouh.

According to the military, Mabhouh was hiding in a compound at Al-Shifa „from which he operated and advanced terrorist activity.”


Photo credit: Emma A. Lucas / The Harvard Crimson