Hitler speech on train sparks outrage in Austria

An investigation has been launched into the Hitler speech and shouts of „sieg heil” heard during a train journey to Vienna, Austria, on Sunday.

An investigation has been launched after an Adolf Hitler speech was played over a train loudspeaker in Austria on Sunday, reports the Euronews.

According to the Austrian Railways, two suspects have already been tracked down after passengers reported hearing the speech by Nazi Germany’s wartime leader and shouts of „sieg heil” (hail victory) on a journey to the Austrian capital, Vienna.

Laws against glorifying Nazism, such as giving the salute or displaying its symbols, have been in effect in Austria since the end of the Second World War.

A recent poll has revealed that antisemitism is on the rise in Austria. Almost 60% of Austrians have witnessed antisemitic language or behaviour in the past year. One in three Austrians believes that Jews „dominate international business” and are exerting growing „power and influence” in politics and the media.

The Austrian Railways said in a statement on Monday that the perpetrators used the train intercom to play audio clips on the loudspeaker via their mobile phones. They allegedly gained access to the loudspeaker with a key; however, it is unknown how they got access to the key. The company handed over video evidence to the police.

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is one of the great historical centres of Jewish culture in Europe. In November, the Austrian government claimed it would strengthen laws banning the use of various Nazi symbols in response to rising antisemitism.