Holocaust education postponed in UK schools due to community tensions

The Anne Frank Trust announced on Monday that three UK schools have postponed the Holocaust education program in their schools due to tension in their community.

The Anne Frank Trust helps primary and secondary schools across the UK with holocaust education, primarily through Anne Frank’s diary.

The Trust’s CEO, Tim Robertson, announced on Monday that three schools have postponed their programs due to local community tensions. However, the CEO did not provide any details. He said the schools were „of different types and in different parts of the country” and that there was no clear pattern in the postponements, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Robertson added that despite these cancellations, „Since October 7, we have worked in over 180 schools across England and Scotland, reaching over 17,000 young people, and these numbers are up on this period last year.”

The Trust has provided extra training for their staff to deal with the new situation following October 7, including more focus on Anne’s sister Margot’s dream to move to British Palestine and how her best friend Hannah Goslar rebuilt her life in Israel after surviving Bergen Belsen.

„Holocaust Memorial Day is an invaluable catalyst for uniting people and places in commemorating the Holocaust and other genocides. The surge in anti-Jewish hatred since October 7 may pose a threat to this unity, but it also redoubles our motivation to honour the 6 million and build a world free from antisemitism.”


Photo credit: PICRYL