Holocaust Memorial Vandalised in Spain

A memorial to the victims of the Holocaust was vandalised with a sharp object in Ovideo, Spain, on November 12.

Vandals damaged a Holocaust memorial in Oviedo, Spain, puncturing and scraping it with a sharp object.

The Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain strongly condemned the malicious destruction. They urged the Spanish authorities to denounce such acts, immediately restore the damaged memorial, and implement educational measures to teach tolerance and understanding.

“As the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights warned last week, antisemitism has increased in the 27 EU member countries and calls for a redoubling of efforts to combat hatred and prejudice against Jews,” the statement added.

The Yad Vashem Association in Spain also expressed outrage and reproved the vandalism.

The president of the Jewish Community in Asturias called the act antisemitic and plans to report it to the police and national and international organisations that fight against antisemitism.

The Holocaust memorial in Ovidea was inaugurated in 2017. It replaced another erected in the town’s most well-known parks, which had been the target of similar attacks by radical right-wing groups.


Photo credit: Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain