Holocaust memorial vandalised in Paris

The Memorial to the Martyrs of the Deportation Holocaust memorial was vandalised with anti-police slogans during the riots in the capital city of France.

Rioters vandalised the Memorial to the Martyrs of the Deportation Holocaust memorial during the large wave of anti-police protests in Paris, France. The riots broke out as a reaction to the murder of a 17-year-old boy by the French police, who was reportedly killed when he drove away from a traffic checkpoint.

The rioters were caught on camera while shouting and writing anti-police slogans on the wall of the Memorial in the Paris suburb of Nanterre.

The Combat Antisemitism Movement strongly condemned the vandalisation of the Memorial on their Twitter, emphasising that it desecrates the memory of the 200,000 victims of the Nazis, who were transported from Vichy, France, to German concentration camps during the Second World War. „Amid the social unrest currently roiling France, Holocaust memorials must be respected and protected,” they added.

According to a report on the riots, the police officer who murdered Nahel has been charged with voluntary homicide, reports The Jerusalem Post.


Photo credit: Bejan