Holocaust survivors house vandalised in Belgium

A large swastika and the words „Gaza Free” were graffitied on the housing of elderly Holocaust survivors in a town in Belgium.

The European Jewish Congress (EJC) posted a picture on its X account of the antisemitic incident, which occurred on Monday night, April 1.

„We are utterly shocked that the home of Holocaust survivors has been vandalised in Fléron, Belgium; this is blatant, targeted antisemitism. It’s another disturbing incident in the wave of vile antisemitism that has swept the country since Hamas’s brutal attack on Israel. „

Coordination Committee of Jewish Organisations of Belgium, the key umbrella organisation representing the Jewish community in Belgium, tweeted: „A strong and unambiguous response is required, beyond condemnations.”

The European Jewish Congress told The Jewish Chronicle that the vandalised property is owned by a Jewish family, who emphasised that they are not Israeli; they are being targeted because they are Jewish. One family member is a Holocaust survivor.

The EJC noted that „the police responded promptly and offered significant support to the affected family. They are actively investigating the case to apprehend the perpetrators.”

„This blatant antisemitism is deeply troubling,” the EJC added, stressing that in the targeted family’s view, the situation feels reminiscent of the 1930s, which is „a chilling reminder of the gravity of the situation.”