Hungarian Jewish civilians welcome 120 Ukrainian Jewish refugees

The chairman of the Hungarian Jewish Heritage Public Foundation, György Szabó and his friends welcomed 120 Ukrainian Jewish refugees in Hungary.

György Szabó, the chairman of the Hungarian Jewish Heritage Public Foundation (Mazsök) and his friends decided to actively help Ukrainian Jewish refugees. They teamed up, and few days after the first bombings, drove to the border and welcomed 120 people in Hungary.

There is no official organisation behind the operation. György Szabó refers to the group of helping people as “a group of good people”, which among others, consists of Hungarian Jewish people, Israeli university students and a Greek catholic priest.

According to György Szabó, they needed many connections to assess the situation, to be able to recognise fake information, and to get close to the real situation. Nevertheless, he claims that news travel well, and although they many times used indirect, remote connections, in the end, they found those in need, the 120 Ukrainian Jewish refugees whom they welcomed on the Hungarian side of the border.

“We had to assess needs, to know what people need on this side of the border; food, ambulance, transport, accommodation, etc.” – said György Szabó to the Kibic Magazine.

The helping group managed to find accommodation to all the arrivals. Szabó claims that the number of available accommodations is growing, because they receive many offers from within communities.

After arriving to Hungary, many Jewish refugees continue their way to Israel. Those who have nowhere to go stay in Hungary, many times near the border.


Photo credit: Kibic Magazine