Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban says there will be no pro-terror demonstrations in Hungary

The Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK) will not allow any rally to be held in Budapest on 13 October 2023, including the one announced by an individual entitled „Stand up for Gaza and its brave people”.

The Hungarian Government and the Hungarian authorities decided to consider the pro-Hamas protest would also endanger public order and public safety.

Their decision is based on the arguments of the lawyers of the Action and Protection Foundation, the international examples, the relevant passages of the Hungarian Constitution and the Criminal Code, according to which Hamas and its leaders are constantly inciting genocide, which is a crime against humanity, and therefore protesting in solidarity with Palestinians means a stand for the Hamas terrorist organisation, and the persons described as „brave people” cannot be other than the perpetrators of Hamas’ terrorist acts,

This decision reassures the Jewish community in Hungary and further strengthens the certainty that Hungary will remain one of Europe’s safest islands for Jewish life.

The decision of the Hungarian Government to accept the legal arguments contained in the Action and Protection Foundation’s request to ban the event is a reassuring and robust demonstration of taking action against all manifestations of antisemitism based on the principle and the practice of zero tolerance of antisemitism, as previously stated.

Viktor Orbán said in a radio interview on Friday that „Terrorism is unacceptable […] These are brutal things that simply make you shake. The second thought is always: thank God that we can live in peace”.

„There will be no pro-terror demonstrations in Hungary. We will protect the Hungarian people,” Prime Minister Victor Orban said on his Facebook page.