Islamic terrorists tried to attack Jews in Greece

The Greek police prevented a terrorist attack targeting Jews and arrested two Pakistani suspects.

The Greek police have announced that it arrested two suspects who were allegedly planning to target a building which houses a synagogue and a Jewish restaurant. The police arrested a 27-year-old Pakistani man and a 29-year-old Pakistani man who were in the country illegally.

According to the Greek police, the group was set up by a Pakistani man living in a non-European country. Other police sources say the man lives in Tehran. The police also claim that conversations, videos and maps found on the mobile phones of the two suspects revealed that they had already selected the target and had begun reconnaissance and planning for the attack, and added that the suspects were given clear instructions to carry it out.

The Athens prosecutor’s office has prosecuted the men for creating a terrorist group and for membership in the organisation. According to the Greek anti-terrorism law, the suspects may receive a sentence of ten years to up to life imprisonment. According to information from the prosecutor’s office, the group’s spiritual father, who lives in Iran, has also been prosecuted.

The Israeli intelligence service helped uncover the plot, and the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement that the suspects are members of a Greek group which is part of an extensive network operating from Iran. Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Kohen thanked the Greek government and intelligence for thwarting the terrorist attack.

There are about five thousand Jews in Greece. Athens has a good relationship with Israel and has not been the target of terrorist attacks in recent years.