Israeli Eurovision singer receives death threats ahead of song competition

Eden Golan, the singer who will represent Israel in the Eurovision competition, has been receiving death threats following the Israel-Hamas war.

Golan has been facing difficulties due to the war: her song was almost disqualified by the European Broadcasting Union, and she has been reportedly receiving death threats following the Israel-Hamas war, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Since there are tensions around Golan and the entire Israeli delegation to the Eurovision competition, they will be accompanied by three times the usual number of guards in Malmo, Sweden.

Golan received death threats directly to her Instagram account, and she reportedly expressed her fears to her family and friends.

Nevertheless, when Golan spoke of the threats she received, she said she counted on receiving such threats. „I feel confident and determined to represent Israel in the best possible way. Our delegation travels with a trained security team, and I am sure they will do their best job to protect us.”


Photo credit: Ronen Padida